ABC No Rio History

The following list includes articles, reviews, essays and other documents relating to ABC No Rio, its history and origin, its activity, and the political and cultural milieu of which it is and has been a part. If you have or know of similar material please contact us at abc@abcnorio.org.

Manifesto or Statement of Intent--The Real Estate Show
December, 1979

Statement by the Organizers of the Real Estate Show
January 5(?), 1980

'New York Post' article on the Real Estate Show
January 3, 1980

'New York Times' article on the Real Estate Show
January 9, 1980

'East Village Eye' article on the Real Estate Show
January, 1980

'East Village Eye' review of the International Show
September/October, 1980

'New York Post' article about the 'Animals Living in Cities' show
November 29, 1980

'The ABCs of ABC No Rio And Its Times'
by Alan Moore and Marc Miller
from the book 'ABC No Rio Dinero', 1985

'Village Voice' review of 'ABC No Rio Dinero' and other books on the East Village Art Scene
September, 1985

'Spatial Deconcentration' by Yolanda Ward
'World War III Illustrated' #6, 1985

'The Fine Art of Gentrification' by Rosalyn Deutsche and Cara Gendel Ryan
'The Portable Lower East Side', Spring, 1987

'Der Spiegel' article about Fassbinder's 'Trash, the City, and Death'
previewed at ABC No Rio by the Thieves Theater Company
March, 1987

Profile of Rivington Street by Richard Armijo, from 'East Informer'
July, 1987

'Village Voice' article: Erl Kimmich / Darius James reading
March 28, 1989

'Village Voice' review of Roger Vitrac's 'Victor'
directed by Robin Goldsmith at ABC No Rio
October 24, 1989

Article from the zine 'X-posure'
Summer, 1989

'Mirabella' blurb about Matthew Courtney's Wide-Open Cabaret
March, 1990

Kunstlerhaus, Hamburg, Germany
October, 1990

Interview with Jack Waters, Peter Cramer and Lou Acierno
May, 1991

'Village Voice' article on the HC/Punk Matinee
December, 1990

Letter to 'MaximumRockandRoll' referenced in above 'Village Voice' article
November, 1990

Essay by Chris Boarts from 'Slug & Lettuce' #27
September/October, 1992

Essay by Chris Boarts from 'Slug & Lettuce' #32
November, 1993

Essay by Chris Boarts from 'Slug & Lettuce' #35
July, 1994

Essay by Chris Boarts from 'Slug & Lettuce' #36
September, 1994

Essay by Chris Boarts from 'Slug & Lettuce' #37
December, 1994

'The Rise & Fall (& Rise Again) Of NYC's Only All-Ages Non-Racist, Non-Sexist, Non-Homophobic Punk Scene'
'JERSEY BEAT' #56, Spring, 1996

'Is ABC No Rio Worth Saving?' by Donny the Punk
'JERSEY BEAT' #56, Spring, 1996

Reply by Dave Powell to 'Jersey Beat' articles
'JERSEY BEAT' #58, Fall, 1996

Article on the origin of Blackout Books
'Temp Slave' #7, 1995

Recollections of 'A Mica Bunker' at ABC No Rio
compiled & organized by Judy Dunaway
'The Improvisor, The International Journal of Free Improvisation', Volume XI, 1996

'ABC No Rio Fights Eviction By a Nonprofit' by Claude Solnick
'Manhattan Mirror', October 10, 1995

Article by Steve Wishnia from 'The Shadow' on the effort to evict ABC No Rio
December, 1995

'ABC No Rio Moves Nearer To Being Ousted' by Michael Haberman
'The Villager', December 13, 1995

Transcript of New York City Council Subcommittee hearing on inclusion of 156 Rivington Street in L.U. 133096 HAM (Urban Development Action Area Project)
November 14, 1995

Transcript of New York City Council Subcommittee hearing on inclusion of 156 Rivington Street in L.U. 133096 HAM (Urban Development Action Area Project)
December 6, 1995


Urban Development Action Area Project (UDAAP)

'Housing Group At Throat Of ABC No Rio' by Claud Solnick
'Manhattan Mirror', April 20, 1996

'ABC No RIP' by Sarah Ferguson
'Village Voice', October 8, 1996

Article from 'Time Out New York' on the City's effort to evict Lower East Side cultural centers
October 10, 1996

Reply by Robin Goldsmith to 'Time Out New York' article
October 27, 1996

'5 Arrested in ABC No Rio Protest' by Michael Haberman
'The Villager', January 22, 1997

'Arts Center Fights Eviction' by Steve Wishnia
'The Tenant', February, 1997

'Arts Group Wins Eviction Battle' by Andrew Jacobs
'The New York Times', February 23, 1997

'Spare Some Change?' by Robert Kolker
'Time Out New York', March 20, 1997

Article on 'Our Unorganicized Reading' at ABC No Rio
'CUPS', September, 1997

Review of the 'Urban Encounters' show at the New Museum
'Village Voice', August XX, 1998

'No Future!': C. Carr on Frank's Depression Poetry commemoration at ABC No Rio
'Village Voice', September 8, 1998

'ABC NO RIO' by John Giglio
'ARTspeak.com', December 23, 1998

Cataloguing Adam Purple's archives at ABC No Rio
'The New York Times', July 16, 2000

'Community Interactivism' by Colin Moynihan
'The Industry Standard', September 18, 2000

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