MRR #90--November, 1990

Dear MRR,
This letter is in response to Dave Koenig's letter in MRR #86. I live close enough to New York City to know what's going on, all you fucking jerks at ABC NO RIO'S and your stupid fanzines should eat shit. In Effect records is the best thing to happen to hardcore since Combat. I have, and plan to buy, all their releases and they all rule. Your big beef about censorship (yes, I have a copy of the big debate that was on WNYU radio station) well fuck off. Who made you so holier than God that you can set censorship rules. Just because you don't want to be censored and they do, doesn't make you better than them. And fuck off, I've talked to people in those bands and if you say stuff against them you better be prepared to get a good ass kicking by them and all their friends. And God knows I'll be there. You guys are just jealous that your records will never make it into the malls because you guys stink and you'll never sell 100,000 records and your record labels won't send you on tour, and you all still have to work your shit jobs while they can live off the money they made from the band.

I'll admit my opinion is somewhat biased. The SICK OF IT ALL album is the first hardcore record I ever bought and I still had my long hair when I bought it at my local mall, but I looked at it and took a chance. When I first listened to it I thought "now this shit's a little too rough for me" (ever since Iwas small I was social outcast, I always got picked on and was often beaten up) but the lyrics are what got me, "It's My Revenge," "It's Clobberin' Time," and "Pay The Price." I shaved my head, started going to shows around here, and now I do the ass kicking instead of getting my ass kicked.

One funny thing that I caught on the radio debate was when I think it was Steve Martin called the other group "a bunch of girls," and one dork on the other side (jerks from the group Born Against and Rorschach) said, "What's wrong with girls?"--nice reply. I'll tell you what's wrong with girls, they ain't got no balls like you guys. They're also weak and it's easy to kick their ass, and they like to fuck guys just like you three. That's how I would have answered that question and I'm surprised that they didn't say that, and let's talk about being fucked by guys. The subject of homophobia came up on the show but only for a second. I've talked to people who go to ABC NO RIO'S and it seems a new trend to be anti-homophobic because some faggot runs the club, yes faggot. I was brought up to refer to those people as such, and no I'm not going to change my whole vocabulary for the sake of some stupid trend and neither should SICK OF IT ALL, and you don't have to be homosexual to be a faggot or a queer. For example you three dorks are all faggots and queers, but then again you're probably homos too. This is a great country and you can do whatever you want in it, so keep saying all your shit and writing all your crap because it's your right but it's also SICK OF IT ALL's and KILLING TIME's right to kick your ass. Fuck off and learn what "HARD" core is all about, and stop being brainwashed by MRR. Thank you S.O.I.A. for helping me get into a scene I would have never known about.

Thank You,

Anthony S.

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