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NOTE: The Zine Library is resuming regular, ongoing hours for public access.

Zine Library hours may vary. Check the calendar for schedule information. Nevertheless, we encourage visitors to contact us in advance at zine [at], especially if you are planning to use the library for research purposes.

In advance of demolition and the construction of our new facility, the ABC No Rio Zine Library relocated to the Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural & Educational Center at 107 Suffolk Street, Room #305.

We are grateful to the Clemente for the support they are providing during our "exile" period.

More info about our new building at

The ABC No Rio Zine Library contains over thirteen thousand items. Our collection includes independent, underground and alternative publications on subjects such as music, culture, politics, personal experience and travel. We have a special interest in zines addressing political and social issues.

This project began in the Spring of 1998 when we rescued the Blackout Zine Library from a squat in the South Bronx which was to be evicted. Since then numerous individuals have donated their personal collections, and zine editors and publishers regularly send us issues. Our collection grows daily.

Our Zine Library focuses on the following:

1) Zines that emerge from, or cover, NYC's Lower East Side and downtown Manhattan. In particular, these zines highlight the creative practices for which the area is renowned (art, performance, fiction, poetry and politics) and serve as crucial documentation for events and movements that are largely left out of history.

2) Zines that are embedded in countercultures, subcultures, political scenes, DIY communities, and/or social movements. Some zines are individually made, but many are collectively produced. While some zines focus on a taste community (music) or lifestyle (veganism), we stress the ways those aesthetics and lifeways are grounded in subcultural belonging.

3) Zines that directly address social relations. Even when created individually, the personal expression explores how individual experiences are born out of asymmetrical social conditions (gender, race, class, sexuality).

4) Zines that engage in DIY practical advice-giving, covering such areas as parenting, education, health, dating, and peer support.

Zines are vital as alternative information sources. Zine collections inspire new generations of zine makers by demonstrating the sheer numbers and breadth of the types of zines possible. Zine collections allow actors in contemporary social movements to learn about the lineage of their communities. Zines need to be preserved as an archive of our activity for the historical record. ABC No Rio is a cultural space that has emerged from, and remains embedded in, New York City underground and countercultural movements. Like the zines themselves, ABC No Rio has evolved from within these movements.

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