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InterActivist Network

ABC No Rio's InterActivist Network provided training in new media technologies, and through this training developed content for the InterActivist website.


The proliferation of web-based media resulted in a need to provide artists and community and media activists with new skills and knowledge. The InterActivist Network was a training program that sought to provide education in new digital technologies through the development of a web-site addressing local issues that had national or international implications.

Use of the internet by artists and activists had exploded, yet for many the technology remained mystifying. This program's training regimen included overview presentations, workshops, and hands-on experience through developing and producing content for the InterActivist site. The year program covered the following subjects: HTML and Web-Site Design; Shooting Video; Digital Video Editing; Digital Video Formats and Video Compression; Digital Audio; Server Set-Up and Maintenance; and Relational Databases and Media Management.

Participants were expected to have grounding and expertise in at least one of the following areas: video production and/or post-production; web-site design or associated graphic design applications; network and client/server technologies; or ENG or print journalism. A high degree of skills-sharing occured among the participants in this project, complementing the training provided by experts in the relevant technologies.


InterActivist Sites

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