Victoria Law

Photo description:
Man with dogs, San Cristobal de las Casas, 2003

8" by 10" Gelatin Silver FB Print

Image dimensions:
8" by 10"











I have always been drawn to ways of life on the verge of vanishing. In photography, I discovered a medium which allowed me to capture tiny aspects of little-known and disappearing cultures.

I began by capturing the images around me—the streetside shoe repairs in Chinatown, the colorful denizens of the Lower East Side, the community spaces carved from forgotten land.  Since then, I have had the opportunity to travel and not only explore but record the details of other cultures and communities—from stilt houses of Hong Kong’s fishing villages and the Mayan-Catholic ceremonies in Mexico’s canyons.  Photography has allowed me to transcend language barriers.  The stories, histories and lives that I could not transcribe with my ears and my pen, I did so with my eyes and lens.